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Things To Consider When Looking At Hot Water Cylinders

When it comes to either replacing or buying new hot water cylinders, there are some important things that you need to consider. These products can get quite pricey so you want to be sure that when you do make your decision it is the right one. To ensure that you make the right decision we have put together a short and comprehensive list of the things you need to consider when looking at hot water cylinders.

What is your budget

One of the more obvious yet important points that you should keep in mind is staying to your budget. As mentioned before, these products can get pricey depending on what you choose so it’s important to have a budget in mind and try to stick to it.

Price points may also affect what brands and capacities that you can go with. Regardless, if you do your research and have a budget in mind you should try to stick as closely as you can to that.


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Another factor to consider when buying new hot water cylinders is what capacity you are going to go with. There are many different variants of sizes that are suitable for different needs. For example if you have a large family with multiple people wanting to use the shower and/or cleaning machines at the same time, a larger capacity may be more suitable.

However on the flip side, if you live in a small household or by yourself considering a smaller capacity may be more suitable. The capacity of hot water cylinders is one of the main driving forces for the price of the unit. From such understanding, your needs in terms of capacity could save you money or even time in the long run.

Gas vs electric

Another discussion around hot water cylinders is whether you should opt for an electric or gas variant. This point relies upon local utility pricing but on average, gas hot water cylinders are cheaper to run. They are more expensive to buy as a unit however so you need to weigh the long term savings against the short term price hike.

Considering solar options

With the rising concern of climate change many businesses and consumers and individuals are looking for ways to cut their carbon footprint. A great way to do that is to take advantage of solar power and use the sun to power many households. Solar-powered hot water cylinders are a great option for those who would like to cut back on their emissions. It is important to consider though that these systems are a lot more expensive than their alternatives.

This point is similar to the gas versus electric debate. While gas systems are more expensive they are cheaper to operate in the long run. Think of that but for solar where you have an even larger start-up but the ongoing costs are essentially nothing. A downfall of these systems though is that they can also run out of energy and rely upon the electric or gas back up hot water cylinders anyway. If a solar option is in your budget they are definitely worth considering.

By now you should have an idea of what you need to be thinking about before making your purchase. As a closing remark, all of these products come with a very long warranty period if not a lifetime warranty so regardless of the capacity, energy source or even price point – these products will last you a lifetime and have the measures in place to make sure that they don’t break.

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