How To Relax With Your E-Cigarette


Vaping can be a truly relaxing past time. There’s nothing better than kicking back and enjoying the delicious flavours ofyour favourite e-liquid in Australia, the feeling of warm vapour as you inhale and blowing massive, billowing clouds. Everyone has their own way of enjoying the past time, some are all about the flavour, whilst others love spending time on customising their device, or practicing their favourite tricks but without a doubt, vaping can be the perfect relaxation tool. The simple act of inhaling and exhaling, slowly and purposely can help many people to calm down and be in the moment. Many people who use nicotine in their e-juices enjoy the mood boosting effects of the drug.

Whilst everyone’s idea of the perfect e-cig session differs, the key ingredients are the same, the perfect flavou, the perfect e-cigarette device and a comfortable environment. What those elements look like is up to individual preference, some people might love a social atmosphere, whilst others prefer to vape from a quiet balcony, or in the bath tub but there are a few key things that everyone can apply to their vape sessions to build the perfect relaxing experience. We give our top tips below.


vapeCharge up your e-cigarette

This might seem like a really obvious tip, but it’s worth noting. There’s nothing worse than when you’re really starting to get into and enjoy your vape session, only for your battery to die half way through. If you’re settling in for a lengthy, relaxing session then it’s essential that you have an e-cig that’s ready to go with a fully charged battery. It’s a great idea to have a back-up battery, that way you always have two on rotation and when one runs out of charge you can switch in your back-up. If you have a long vaping session planned alone or with friends then make sure you think ahead and charge up your e-cig device.


Tighten everything up before you start

Anyone who has spent a bit of time vaping will know that leaks are sometimes an unfortunate interruption to an otherwise enjoyable vaping session. It’s a waste of perfectly good e-liquid and annoying to clean up when you’re just trying to relax. The best way to avoid this issue is by spending a little bit of time on tightening up your gaskets before starting your e-cigarette up. This should hopefully prevent any unwanted leaks or mess. Just don’t over-tighten as you can break the seals on your device and do some damage, which will just cause it to leak anyway.


Make sure your sinuses are clear

There is more to enjoying flavour then just your taste buds. Your nose has a lot to do with it as well. When you inhale your favourite flavour, the vapour will fill your whole mouth, nose and throat, all of which play a role in enjoying the taste sensation of your favourite e-juice. A great way to better enjoy your vape session is to take the time to ensure your sinuses are clear before you start. Obviously, if you have a cold there might be nothing you can do, but even then, a hot, steamy shower to clear up your sinuses can’t hurt! That way, when you take your first draw of vapour it will be an amazing flavour experience.


Choose a flavour your excited about

One of the best parts of vaping is all the fun e-liquid flavours that are available. Most vaper’scan’t settle on just ne fkavour, but actually have a whole collection of flavours they enjoy on rotation. If you’re settling in to relax, choose an e-juice that you’re excited about, or get a new one for the occasion.


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