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Essential Facts That Participants of Family Law Mediation Sessions Should Understand

Many adults will have a preconception about what is involved in family law mediation just by hearing the phrase in isolation.

Although it can feel like an arduous process, it is widely considered to be the best method of drafting a fair and efficient outcome for a former couple.

This is where we will outline a number of essential facts about the program for those who are exploring this territory in more detail. 

Individuals Take Part Voluntarily

A vital factor that can be underplayed with family law mediation is that the process is entirely voluntary. Although legal representatives, family members and friends can strongly advocate for that course of action, there is nothing binding men and women to this negotiating table if they believe their interests are better served elsewhere. Until legal documentation is signed, they are free to walk away.

All Terms Are Open For Discussion

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An important note to consider with family law mediation is that all options are on the table. This is territory that can cover alimony payments, child custody and visitation rights to the ownership of stocks, property, business interests as well as the division of key liabilities and debts. While the courts will impose certain provisions and restrictions on this separation agreement, individuals in this setting can offer any concessions or push for any entitlements they wish.

The Discussion Space is Private

A great advantage for constituents who leverage family law mediation is that they do not have to be part of a public court system in front of other participants like a judge and other courtroom officials. An enclosed private space is afforded to people in this situation, allowing them to open up and explore their agreement territory. It might be a small detail, but it will help with the mental pressure of settling a separation in a public area.

Representatives Don’t Have to be Involved

There are some situations where lawyers might have a seat at the table during family law mediation to offer a point of reference or to answer questions asked by the client, but they won’t be a direct influence on the process. This is not the situation in a courtroom environment where they will lead the discussion and act as the voice for their client. In this scenario, a professional and independent mediator will run proceedings.

Clients Enjoy Full Ownership

There is no one outside of the pair in question that can be assigned blame when former couples decide to settle their separation through mediation sessions. Once both parties have signed onto the document and agree on the terms, then they have taken the power and control back from the public system. Among all of the advantages that can be found in this unwanted scenarios, that is important to underline.

Considered a More Affordable Solution

Although there can be some exceptions depending on the location and the length of the process, family law mediation will be the more affordable path for spouses who want to manage their bottom line. In most cases, they are expedited and will avoid the courtroom fees that are discovered through that particular path. The removal of legal fees alone is a selling point that sides with mediators.

Superior Time Management Benefits

One of the key reasons why men and women will engage this type of process is because they do not have to spend hours and hours waiting in adherence with their local court system. That fast-track possibility with family law mediation is not always the experience of community members, but when weighed against the path of litigation, agreements are drafted faster and an outcome is reached. This is beneficial for many reasons including mental health, money and an ability to start a new chapter in their life.

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