3 Signs It’s Time To Engage Bullying In The Workplace Mediation


While the office isn’t necessarily a place you are always enjoying yourself, it should never be a place where you feel unsafe, intimidated, or uncomfortable. Sometimes there are early warning signs that you need to think about engaging to bullying in the workplace mediation so that you can stop a growing problem before it gets worse and cause conflict.

Sometimes it can be hard to confront problematic behaviour in the office because you fear upsetting productivity with what might be dismissed as a trivial complain by superiors. If your superiors are the ones who are displaying problematic behaviour, then failing to address it can put you in a position to potentially be exploited and/or disenfranchised.

To avoid all of this from occurring, let’s take a look at some common signs you need to think about engaging bullying in the workplace mediation.


1.   You feel threatened or intimidated

One of the most common signs that bullying in the workplace mediation may be necessary is when you or another employee feels threatened in some way. This normally comes from the boss who might make vague threats about your job, leading you to feel that you could be fired at any moment.

This can also involved being intimidated by the physical presence of a superior. Someone who stands very close over you and puts their hand on your chair is trying to assert their dominance and its normal that it would make you feel uncomfortable.

Sometimes the perpetrator of this behaviour might not really even be aware they are doing it, and it could just be a management style they picked up and need to un-learn. Bullying in the workplace mediation is the best way to inform the person that their actions are problematic and work through it in a calm way.


2.   Intruding on your privacy and personal space

Another sign that bullying in the workplace mediation might be necessary is when someone is always invading your personal space or make you feel like you don’t have privacy. If you sit at a desk all day, then you are entitled to an expectation of personal space in and around that desk. Another employee should not rifle through your desk, even if everything within is purely office related.

Not only is it rude and abusive for someone to behave this way and not respect your personal space or privacy, it leads you to feel uncomfortable coming into the office. This could eventually cause conflict to arise and you might end up quitting an otherwise good job.

Rather than allow the issue to get worse, take the steps to engage bullying in the workplace mediation so that you can put the matter to rest once and for all.


3.   Undermining you

You may also want to engage bullying in the workplace mediation if you feel a superior or colleague is undermining you on purpose, for example, by giving you impossible tasks or altering things at the last minute without telling you so it appears to be your failure. Obviously, you want to be careful of inventing a conspiracy against you when there isn’t one, but when blatantly unfair and illogical decisions are made, its safe to assume that someone is behaving vindictively towards you.

Hopefully the above gives you some more insight into the signs that bullying in the workplace mediation becomes necessary due to.

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